Admission Center

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Roles and Responsibilities of admission center

1. To promote the Qicsd course by using the different medium of promotions.
2. Admission centres are free to use any type of medium to promote and market the different stream courses at different level.
3. QICSD is responsible for training of there admission center on requirement basis.
4. Impart the correct information to new students at the time of counselling for admissions.
5. If Admission center have any type of query they can consult QICSD concerned person handing the centres queries at that time .
6. We expect no misinformation given to the students by admission  center on behalf of QICSD , if found QICSD has full rights to denial against that given information to students.
7. No admission is completed with the full course fees given to QICSD
8. Admission center has 50% share on course fees  of student admission given to QiCSD by center.
9. QICSD is not taking any franchise cost from any admission center , so no center can claim for franchises fees.
10. If any admission center found to give any misinformation to students on behalf of QICSD , we are having full rights to cancel all kinds  of agreements with the center .