Interior Designing

Certificate, Diploma ,UG & PG

Course Subjects

Interior design courses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the curriculum varies correspondingly. An aspirant to the Interior Design programme may be required to study all of the subjects mentioned below, some of them, or subjects that are different than those specified.

Subjects covered in UG

Sem I

Sem II

Fundamentals of Structure 1

Fundamentals of Structure 2

Theory of Design

Research Strategies Design Process

Freehand Drawing & Geometric Construction

Analytical Drawing

Communication Skills

Humanities, Art Appreciation and Appraisal

Material Exposure

Basic Photography

Fundamentals of Design 1

Fundamentals of Design 2

Introduction to Computers 1

Introduction to Computers 2


Sem IV

History of Crafts and Interior Design 1

Building Services 1

Interior Materials 1

Interior Materials 2

Anthropometry and Ergonomics

Elective: Poetry and Literature OR Elective: Journalism

Technical drawings and Computer Applications

Advance Computer Application

Interior Construction 1

Interior Construction 2

Interior Design 1

Interior Design 2

Sem V

Sem VI

Building Services 2

Building Services 3

Interior Materials 3

Cost Estimation

Materials and Processes 1

Arts and Crafts

Elective: Dance and Music OR Elective: Theatre and Film Making

Elective: Human Interaction OR Elective: Marketing

Interior Construction 3

Interior Construction 4

Interior Design 3

Interior Design 4



Building Services 4

Seminar-Thesis Topic

Professional Practice

Dissertation (Case Study)

Specifications and Controls

Interior Design – Topic

Product Semantics

Interior Landscape

Interior Design 5

Subjects covered in PG

Introduction to Computers

Interior Designing

Fundamentals of Structure

History of Art

History of Interiors

Theory of Design

Cost estimation

Environmental Studies

Interior Construction

Art and Craft

Analytical Drawing

Design Process

Research Strategies

Geometrical Construction

Fundamentals of design

Freehand Drawing


Art appreciation and appraisal


Interior Materials

Basic Photography

Material Exposure