1. Nursery Teacher Training

NTT syllabus is a two-years-long diploma course that deals with the education of the nursery level teacher workforce. Some common NTT subjects are child psychology, child care health, teaching methodology, etc.


NTT syllabus is a diploma graduate course of two years for the students to go through. NTT course syllabus is designed to form capable teachers and make the world a better place by educating the children of the future generation. The NTT syllabus course consists of core courses devoted to analysis and understanding the complex psychology of educating children. Nursery Teacher Training course is designed to help students learn about the topics in great detail and depth. The elective courses are oriented closer to understanding teaching methodologies for the students to understand. The semester wise NTT syllabus in India is as given below:

Year I

Child care and health

Teaching Methodology

Child psychology

Practical: Viva – Voce

Year II

Basics of pre-primary education

History and philosophy of pre-primary education

Nursery school organization, community, Child health and Nutrition

Practical: Arts and crafts

Career Scope

After the completion of Diploma & PG Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training Course (NTT Course), you can shape your career as a

  • Teacher
  • Co – teacher
  • Coordinator
  • Curriculum Planner
  • Supervisor in schools all over the world.
  • Trainer in established Teacher Training Institutions.
  • Child – Care Entrepreneur by starting your own pre-school or day – care centre

2. Diploma in early childhood care & education (ECCE)

Name of the Course: Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
Duration: 2 years
Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 passed from a recognized board


Here’s a list of important subjects present in ECCE curriculum –

  • Child Development
  • Programme Planning for ECCE
  • Art and Craft Development
  • Teaching Practice
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Communication Skills
  • Outdoor Games and Physical Education
  • School Organization and Administration

Practical Aspects

  • Internship at our play school to give you experience with children, classroom management as well as teaching methods.
  • Viva – Voce to help you improve teaching skills as well as prepare you for job interviews / demos.
  • Workshops to build your skills in the areas of phonics, curriculum planning, rhymes, creative and craft activities etc.Practical Aspects

Career Prospect

Our Early Childhood Education Courses help you

  • take up jobs in CBSE, ICSE, State, IGCSE, IB board schools across the world as
    • Teacher
    • Coordinator
    • Curriculum – Planner
    • Trainers
  • start as well as run your own child care service.
  • as an in – service teacher to get a promotion or increment.
  • as a parent to bring up your child with more understanding.

3. Montessori Training Course

Course Content of Montessori Training

The content of our Montessori Training for teachers emphasizes on all facets of preschool education. A few relevant features of course content are:

  • Children’s needs, nature etc. are most important.
  • Promote learning using learning materials.
  • Enable complete development of children.
  • Stimulate the five sensory organs.
  • Provide freedom to children so that they learn and develop fully, etc.

Career Scope

With this certification in Montessori training for teachers, you can shape your career as a

  • Teacher
  • Co-teacher
  • Coordinator
  • Curriculum Planner
  • Supervisor in schools all over the world
  • Trainer in established Teacher Training Institutions.
  • Child-Care Entrepreneur by starting a day care, play- school etc

4. Preschool Teacher Training Course

Objectives of the Preschool Teacher Training course are:

  • Providing understanding of individual differences into children’s behaviour, thinking, development, personality, etc.
  • Helping to cultivate skills to plan and execute developmentally appropriate activities for children.
  • Improving knowledge about children’s health care and nutritional needs.
  • Building understanding about preschool management and administration

Course Curriculum

Theoretical modules

  • Child development and psychology
  • Preschool management and administration
  • Child-centered teaching methods
  • Child health and nutrition


  • Internship provides experience of interaction with children, use of different teaching methods etc.
  • Viva – Voce readies you to attend job interviews / demos.
  • Workshops on curriculum planning, phonics, rhymes etc.
  • Project work making you proficient at using creative activities and preparation of teaching aids

Career Opportunities for You

  • Get started with a career at reputable schools affiliated to
    • State
    • CBSE
    • ICSE
    • IGCSE
    • IB Boards in India as well as abroad.
  • Teacher
  • Supervisor
  • Centre Head
  • Child Care Entrepreneur
  • In – service teachers doing the course will become eligible for promotions and increments
  • Parents benefit from these courses as they get better understanding about children and parenting

5. Learning disability certificate program

Children with learning disabilities may have difficulty in reading, writing, spelling and reasoning, if they are taught through traditional teaching methods. For teaching such children, specially trained teachers are required possessing learning disability certificate. However, the number of trained teachers is very less. Hence, Quetzal International College aims to produce specially trained teachers through its course named Diploma in Learning Disability.

Benefits of doing Diploma in Learning Disability

The Learning Disability certificate course prepares aspirants to

  • teach special children in correct scientific ways.
  • spread awareness about the children with disabilities.
  • contribute towards the inclusion of disabled children in mainstream society.

How to enrol?

  • Fill the web application form. Enrol Now!!
  • Our representatives will give you all details about the course.
  • On completion of the enrolment process, get started immediately.
  • The study modules are e-mailed / couriered to you in PDF format at periodic intervals.
  • After the study of each module, attempt an MCQ based online assessment.
  • The next study material will be e-mailed/couriered on completion of the previous assessment.
  • Take guidance from the course coordinator in case needed.
  • Marksheet and certificate will be prepared on basis of total marks scored in all the assessments appeared.

Career opportunities

  • Teacher – Become a Remedial teacher/ Shadow Teacher / Special Needs Tutor / Counselor.
  • In service teacher – Modify the classroom environment to support students with special needs.
  • NGO Member – Work with NGOs active in the field of education.
  • Special Education Caregiver – Identify students with learning difficulties and address their problems holistically.
  • Budding entrepreneur – Run a set-up for children with learning disabilities.
  • Coordinator, Supervisor, Centre-Head, Admission Officer – Serve with greater efficiency.
  • Parent – Effectively manage your own child with learning disability.

6. School admin & management program

Benefits of the course

Join hands with QICSD or a Diploma in any of the School Management Courses, after which you will receive a:

  • Job Oriented
  • Widely Accepted

Certificate which will help you elevate your teaching career towards greater heights!

Course Content

  • All-inclusive curriculum of School Management Courses includes:
    • Educational Administration And Management
    • Elements Of School Organization
    • Human Resources In Educational Management
    • Educational Management Strategies, etc

About Career Choices

Choose from a wide range of openings like

  • Teachers
  • Supervisors
  • Vice-principals or Principals
  • Coordinators
  • Centre – heads
  • CEOs or Educational Managers
  • As well as Entrepreneurs in the field of education

7. Education management program

QICSD Benefits for you

A lot of benefits await you when you join QICSD for one of its Education Management Courses:

  • All – inclusive
  • Skill training as per current industry trends
  • Readily recognized certification

Course Features

  • Very affordable Course Fees.
  • Assignment – based course curriculum.
  • The terms ‘online’ or ‘distance’ mode of study don’t appear on the marksheet. as well as certificate.
  • Dedicated course coordinator.
  • Flexible programme schedule.
  • Time to time guidance in case of doubts
  • Also, Free shipping of marksheet as well as diploma certificate.

About Career Choices

A lot of career opportunities will open up with a Diploma Certification in any one of the above Education Management Courses.

  • Apply in schools / educational institutions as
    • Teachers
    • Supervisors
    • Coordinators
    • Centre – heads
    • Vice – principals and Principals
  • You can apply as CEOs as well as Educational Managers in educational sector.
  • As an Entrepreneur you will get guidelines to plan, start and run your own child care, activity centre as well as education centre.

8. Teacher training phonics program

Need for Phonics

Beginning years of a child are crucial for language learning, and parents as well as teachers play vital roles. However, many children are unable to read, write and spell in English as expected, mainly due to the use of inappropriate language teaching methods. Methods such as rote learning and memorizing are eventually ineffective. Instead phonics as a language teaching methodology is quite successful.

Phonics helps kids to

  • make out words on their own while reading.
  • read independently as well as correctly from very early age.
  • learn new words and develop their vocabulary.
  • learn letter formations.
  • spell words without mugging them up.
  • improve understanding of the language.
  • develop independent creative writing ability.
  • cultivate love for the English language.

Therefore, Phonics makes it much easier for children to master reading, writing and spelling skills and thus, excel in their school work. They are able to use English as a tool to enhance their knowledge base. Children using phonics enjoy better academic success. They feel less stressed, are confident and develop an impressive personality.

Course content

The content of the Certificate Programme will thoroughly cover the following aspects:

  • Importance & Definition of Phonics as well as the different types of Phonic programmes
  • Whole Language Approach versus Phonics
  • Demonstration of Letter sounds with actions, jingles as well as stories to teach the Letter sounds
  • Formation of Letters
  • What is Blending (combining sounds in words) and how to help children to blend and read.
  • What is Segmenting (identifying sounds in words) and how to help children to segment and spell.
  • Initial as well as Final Blends
  • Demonstration of Digraph sounds with actions, jingles as well as stories to teach the Digraph sounds; Difference between Digraphs and Blends.
  • Tricky words.
  • Important Phonics Rules
  • Alternative Vowel Spellings

Course Structure 

The ‘Certificate Programme in Phonics Teacher’s Training’

  • is a programme spanning around 23 hours.
  • can be undertaken either via a weekday (Monday to Friday) batch or a weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • is conducted in batches all round the year at regular intervals.
  • ends with a simple evaluation test, followed by a convocation ceremony.

Each facet of the programme will be covered and conveyed to the trainees through:

  • Intensive Practice Sessions that will help the trainees to imbibe the phonics skills completely, thus enabling them to use these skills like a professional expert.
  • Plentiful Revision of all aspects guaranteeing that each aspect is thoroughly ingrained.
  • Doubt – Solving Sessions to provide trainees with a chance to get their doubts solved, so that no confusion remains.

Career Scope

Our ex – trainees are enjoying tremendous professional success in their phonics teaching and training careers. Many of our ex – trainees are working as phonics teachers in renowned schools affiliated to different boards. Many of them who were already working as teachers in reputable schools got promotions. And several of them have started their own Phonics Classes for children.

Similarly, on successful completion of the programme, numerous rewarding career openings will appear before you.

  • You will be a certified phonics teacher, ready to work in State / CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE / IB board schools all over India as well as abroad.
  • You may also be appointed as a special needs or remedial teacher.
  • If you are an in – service teacher, you may become eligible for promotion or
  • Your own entrepreneurship can be started by you by setting up and running your own phonics training classes for children.
  • You can become a phonics teachers’ trainer at an institute.
  • You can also become a phonics curriculum planner or a phonics content developer.
  • If you are a parent, you will be able to help your own child in the development of his English language.
  • If you desire a change in your career, then new opportunities will come up.

‘A Certificate Programme in Phonics Teachers’ Training’ Quetzal international college of science & development will change your career prospects and provide you with professional success as well as personal satisfaction.


9. Positive parenting workshop

We often hear parents complain

  • God! My child never listens to me.
  • I always have to be behind my child to make him do things on time.
  • I think I still don’t understand my child.
  • He is a complete brat. How do I discipline him?

As a parent you too must be regularly facing situations and difficulties in handling and bringing up your kids. You must be having your share of complaints and problems.

Sometimes you may wonder, am I the only parent who is facing difficulties in raising my child? You may think that other parents hardly have any issues or conflicts with their children and are able to make them do things so effortlessly. But this is not true. You are not the only one. Problems or conflicts with children are faced by parents across the world irrespective of country or community, age or gender of the child, experience or inexperience of the parent etc.

Bringing up children is a very happy and enjoyable experience. However, it can be frustrating at times. Love and care for your child alone doesn’t suffice, especially in times when your child is angry, upset, uncooperative, scared etc.

What you as a parent need is someone who can give you a ‘formula’ which you can apply to get out of such problems lovingly while making your children do what you want them to.

  • But does such a ‘formula’ exist?
  • If yes, who will give it to you?

The answer to the above questions is QICSD ‘How to make your Children Listen to you? ‘workshop. We will train you in parenting skills which may work like a ‘formula’ in solving the parenting problems that you are facing.

The skills we teach are practical and easily implementable. These skills will help you to improve your relations with your child, making it more enjoyable and rewarding.

The ‘How to make your Children Listen to you? ‘workshop at QICSD is a programme comprising 2 sessions of 4 hours each. It has been developed and will be conducted by a team of experienced psychologists, educationalists, trainers and counsellors. These positive parenting workshops offer experiential learning, where the participants will get ample chance to practice each skill by way of role-playing, solving of practice worksheets and questionnaires, discussions, question-answer segments etc.

Parent workshop

After you attend these workshops for parents, you will notice a remarkable improvement in the way you

  • understand and cope with your child’s negative feelings.
  • express anger without causing hurt.
  • get your child to cooperate willingly.
  • are able to easily resolve conflicts.
  • help your child develop self -confidence and an optimistic personality.
  • create a loving & respectful family atmosphere.

Do you want to find effective solutions to your problems? Do you want to put an end to all the nagging, punishing, screaming, upsetting, bickering and complaining? If yes, then join our Parenting Workshop – ‘How to make your children listen to you?’ at the earliest.

Parent Workshop Reviews

Snapshots of things that parents have told us after attending our parent workshop:

Diya Purohit

“The methodology used to conduct this positive parenting workshop is very good and helpful. In each session we were asked to solve questionnaires. Then there was role playing of the skills taught. This helped a lot in understanding the skills, the way to apply them and even to realize which ones would be just right for us. Thank you for all of it.”

Yoga expert – Mother of a 8-year-old
Praveen Joshi

“I liked all the sessions very much. Thanks for teaching me how to praise to children. In fact, my son takes my praise more seriously these days and works better.”

Corporate employee – Father of a seven-year-old
Diksha Pandey

“I want to make a special mention about the methodology of conducting this workshop and the facilitator. The methodology was very helpful and the facilitator was superb. Thank you.”

Homemaker – Mother of two children, aged 5 and 7 years
Aarti Nandan

“Highly recommended for parents as well as educators! I plan to ask the teachers at my school to also undergo these parenting skills workshops.”

Owner of a franchisee pre-school – Mother of a three-year-old
Ruksana Ali

“All the sessions and all the skills taught are immensely useful. In fact after attending these parenting skills workshops, I have been consciously putting each skill to use with my children, and it is working. The usual nagging, cribbing and annoying has reduced a lot. The part of the parenting skills workshop which tells us about accepting feelings of children is absolutely remarkable. Prior to attending this workshop I frankly never paid attention to how my children felt.”

Homemaker – Mother of two children, aged 6 and 8 years