Radio Jockey

All About Radio Jockey Courses

A Radio Jockey is not the same as previous radio personalities in India, who were simply referred to as announcers. They not only inform you, but they also amuse you and engage with you, and some of them are celebrities. Few RJs in the country are well-known, with their programs airing on the radio for years. Because it is all about voice and words on-air, it is essential to have a pleasant, spontaneous, and appealing personality to be a Radio Jockey.

What is a Radio Jockey Course?

Taking up a Radio jockey course is essential to improve your exhibition in a given profession. To secure better job opportunities, numerous individuals today go for these courses. It further gives you certainty alongside essential confidence in life. These include the Diploma courses, Postgraduate diploma course as well as certification course.

Who can Pursue Radio Jockey Courses?

  • The trendy Radio and Television industry presents promising and alluring vocations that help Enthusiastic people.
  • RJ is an expert radio personality liable for the transmission range of live occasions. Facilitating visit shows, music shows and news are a portion of the well-known stuff RJs do.
  • Those individuals with the qualities like a good connection with the audience, proactiveness, and a knack for telling stories as well as the skill to articulate voice helps in the individuals’ career to become a good radio jockey as well as presenter.

Types of Radio Jockey Courses

Course Type Duration
Diploma in Programming and Broadcast Management Diploma 1 year
Diploma & Certificate Course in Radio Jockey Diploma 1 year
Diploma in Radio Jockeying (DRJ) and Radio Production. Diploma 1 year
Diploma in Radio Management Diploma 1 year
Certificate Course in Comparing, Dubbing, Announcing, and Broadcasting. Certificate 6 months
Certificate Course in Radio Production Program Certificate 6 months
Certification course in Radio Jockeying Certificate 6 months
Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying and Anchoring TV Journalism Certificate 6 months
Post Graduate Diploma Broadcast Management and in Radio PG Diploma 1 year
Post Graduate Diploma Radio Programming and Management PG Diploma 2 year