Quetzal International College of Science & DevelopmentĀ  adopts the guidelines of regular and self study modules (Government of India) depends on the subject course and syllabus of theory classroom hours or practical hand in hand training and other regulatory bodies concerned from time to time in respect of conduct of examinations. The evaluation is carried out according to the scheme laid down by the academic committee of QICSD from time to time. There shall be examinations at the end of each term for the programs undertaken by the student.

The achievement of a satisfactory overall standard of assessment which would assess the studentā€™s command of an appropriate body of skill and knowledge.

Ability to use a range of techniques to analyze information and offer solution to problem especially within a work context.

The registered student of school has the option to appear in the examination through On- Demand Examination System (ODES). Student can appear in the examination through ODES as per there wish and preparation as and when they feel ready for the examination subject to availability of the seats in the examination.

  • Examination branch deals with following activities
  • Fix the date of annual examination
  • Our experience teacher team prepare question paper
  • Conduct the Examinations
  • Preparation of self-study module
  • Prepares and distribute confidential materials related to examination
  • Declares result of concerned examination.